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Project Idea

OrganisationUniversity of Jyväskylä
Project TitleCommunication audit tool for cybersecurity preparedness
H2020 Topic ListNot specified yet
Role within the Consortium* Project Partner
Type of activity* Research
* Training
* Dissemination
Project DescriptionWe can add a WP with an audit tool for small and medium private/public organizations, so that they are prepared
for external and internal communication in the case of a cybersecurity threat.
We have constructed similar scorecard tools for general crisis communication and communication in the case of
terrorism threats see www.crisiscommunication.fi. It is great if cybersecurity threats can be prevented (by work
of the other partners in this call) but in some cases a website is not available or other functions for clients do not
work because of an attack and then one needs to be prepared how to communicate with clients and stakeholders.
In addition, next to preventive solutions in technology, also ways of working of personnel have preventive
impact, and this calls for communication too. This will be included in the internal communication part of this
audit tool. The tool can be used for training. We can also investigate citizen behaviour and help making a
different kind of tool for them.
My team focuses on human communication, and within my university I collaborate with IT experts that focus on
technical knowledge on cybersecurity and on human technology.