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Project Idea

OrganisationMinistry of Internal Affairs
H2020 Topic ListSEC-21-GM-2016-2017 Pan European Networks of practitioners and other actors in the field of security
Role within the Consortium* Project Partner
Type of activity* Research
* Training
* Management
* Dissemination
* Other
Project DescriptionSupporting R&I, evaluating and improving the efficiency of innovation in law enforcement organizations, should
become the most important topics and priorities in MS, which - supported by appropriate mechanisms and
measures – would manage to convert R&I into new products and services.
PRACTIS objective is to create a strong network of practitioners within the national law enforcement
organizations of MS, to agree on a common approach regarding monitoring of R&I in security, in order to increase
investment in innovation and new technologies, and also to ensure a continuous exchange of information and
best practices in the field.
An important goal in this endeavor is to enhance inter-organizational interaction and cooperation between
practitioners from national MS law enforcement organizations and industry, academia and other providers of
security solutions (horizontally and vertically), by creating a dedicated platform.
Directorate General Logistic (DGL) has competences related to scientific research, coordination of experimental
development and innovation in the Romanian Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) - national authority which
harmonizes R&I within subordinated structures (police, gendarmerie, border police, firefighters and response to
emergencies, migration, people trafficking etc.) - sense in which it develops and implements policies, strategies
and concepts and coordinates the implementation of MIA R&I plans, programs and projects.
DGL also represents MIA as part of the national bodies for R&I in the field of security, that have responsibilities in
analyzing the capacity, potential and needs for R&I, evaluation and prioritization of action guidelines for
developing the expertise, infrastructure, services and technologies for security R&I.
As a result, participation MIA - DGL in this project proposal covers:
• consulting, assistance and expertise in the area of responsibility, as a practitioner - end user, decision-
maker, national authority and beneficiary of R&I results in the field of security and specific, in the area of public
order and citizens safety;
• monitoring the national / European R&I projects and initiatives in the institutional area of competence;
• determining the specific requirements for products, services or technologies of interests selected by the
consortium - research results - and for their uptake and industrialization;
• framing and performing evaluation / validation / testing / requirements verification / capabilities
demonstration / scenarios development activities, applied to selected products, services or technologies;
• correlating project activities with national and sectorial laws, standards, rules and regulations, practices,
researches, studies, statistics, analysis etc.
MIA - DGL is searching for a coordinator and partners in order to form a consortium as defined in call
requirements - central authorities that are monitoring and coordinates the R&I for security nationwide, academia
organizations and SME suppliers of innovative solutions for security.
DGL’s proposed role within the consortium is as partner.