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International Security and Emergency Management Institute, n.p.o. (ISEMI)

Organisation Type

Vysokoškolákov 41
Slovak Republic
+421 910 850285


Contact person

Martin Kostolný (Head of the Office)

Field of Activity

» Scenario development and decision support
» Simulators, trainers and artificial environments
» Policy development
» Testing and validation
» Law enforcement

Core competencies

Core activity is support the implementation of national strategies and policies of the European Union, Europol, the
Council of Europe, the UN, Interpol, the OSCE, the NATO and other international organizations in the field of
international and internal security (police cooperation, the fight against fraud, organised crime and terrorism, crime
prevention, protection of borders, etc.) and in the field of emergency management (civil protection, firefighting and
rescue activities, protection of the environment and the health of the population).
The main target groups are the entities of public administration (police and other security forces, army, customs
authorities, the Prosecutors Office, courts, fire and rescue departments, public authorities active in the field of
security, civil protection, nuclear surveillance, health, environment, etc.). Other target groups include: international
and European institutions, scientific-technical and academic institutions, regional and local authorities, non-
governmental organizations, private sector entities and individuals (victims of crime and residents affected by
exceptional events and citizens in crisis situation abroad out of their home).
This objective are accomplished by:
- providing consultancy and professional assistance in obtaining funding from national sources, the funds of the
European Union and other international programmes;
- programming, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the programmes;
- implementation, monitoring and evaluation of projects;
- promotion of international cooperation and the creation of networks, experience sharing (including relations
with practitioners and end-users in general) ;
- continuing education (developing of training contents and tools, implementation of the trainings, exercises,
seminars, foreign internships, workshops, conferences, etc.);
- raising of public awareness (media events, internet education, publications, production and distribution of
films, etc.);
- professional thematic consulting (consultations, risk assessment, thematic studies, audits, analyses, concepts,
programmes, setting of process management;
- implementation of the research and development of innovative products (electronic services, application, etc.),
- set-up the measures and support for victims of crime and citizens affected by exceptional events.
- providing supporting security and rescue mission for international institutions, organisations and citizens in crises
situation located abroad out of their home;

H2020 Research Focus

  • Critical infrastructure protection
  • CIP-01-2016-2017 Prevention, detection, response and mitigation of the combination of physical and cyber threats to the critical infrastructure of Europe.
  • Fight against crime and terrorism
  • SEC-12-FCT-2016-2017 Technologies for prevention, investigation, and mitigation in the context of fight against crime and terrorism
  • General matters
  • SEC-21-GM-2016-2017 Pan European Networks of practitioners and other actors in the field of security

RTD Experience

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Other Security Research Projects TARGET (http://www.target-h2020.eu/)

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2016-12-16 / 2016-12-16