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Project Idea

OrganisationInternational Security and Emergency Management Institute, n.p.o.
Project TitleTools for effecitve (1)response during CBRN events and (2)acting on CBRN crime scene
Horizon Europe Topic List
Role within the Consortium* Project Partner
Type of activity* Technology development
* Research
* Training
* Dissemination
* Exploitation
* Demonstration
Project DescriptionWe would like to participate in project where our ideas might be included (not as main, but together with another).
One part is development of IMS analyzer (it is ready on TRL4). The unconventional Corona Discharge ion source does not use radioactive material and ensures ultra-high sensitivity for the analyzer. It allows contact-less sampling and online analysis from the surfaces, from the air, from suspicious objects, also from the parts of the bodies (casualties) etc. The differences (innovative potential) from the available solutions (analyzers) are: (1)spot scanning of even hardly volatile substances without the need to perform a swab and insert a tampon into the device, (2)universal detection (CWAs, TICs, different chemicals including precursors for drugs, explosives, etc.), (3)open database - the range of measurements is not limited to predetermined substances. It is open to add new, based on needs …
The second part is development of the marking kit in case of CBRN event, including CBRN crime scene. Harmonized for civil as well as military use and taking into account procedures and SOPs of different response units and their needs. Including necessary training.

Last but not least, we are ready to support any other proposals, where practitioners perspective is required.